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nGran is a data security consulting  firm specializing in End-Point protection from and blocking solutions for malicious websites, user data privacy protection, security awareness training, networking, and security services to the Banking and Financial Services Industries.
nGrans principals have successfully designed and implemented secure network implementations for seven of the largest global trading firms, the largest mortgage security underwriter, the largest futures and options trading firm along with other commercial banking and insurance firms.

Providing internet security to clients around the world.

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of clients, from Large Banks and Financial
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to small, private companies.

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Malicious Site Repeat Offenders

The Top Ten list of domain names and IP Addresses that have been identified as spreading surveillance tools, Malware and Scams for the month of March, 2015 are shown below along with their major distributions. Included is this list are sites obfuscated by Domain Generation Algorithms (DGA) used to evade detection. Many of the Malicious sites originate from NL, CN and US locations and have been confirmed by independent researchers as distributing Spam and Malware including, Password stealers, Keyloggers, Injectors, Zeus variants, surveillance tools, Agents, Autostarts, Botnet controllers, Zbots, FakeAV, Redirection and Proxy sites and serve as IPTheft repositories.

For a more complete listing of repeat offender sites please review the pdf report shown below.
1. - from NL.Utrecht is a very active source of Scams and Spam activity
2. - from US.CA.Westchester publishes Agents, Backdoors and is an active source of Scams and Spam
3. - from US.WA.Seattle, publishes Backdoors, Downloaders, Keyloggers and Agents
4. - from US.MA.Cambridge, publishes numerous Droppers, Agents and Backdoors
5. - from US.MA.Cambridge, is a very active source of Scams and Spam activity
6. - from PL.Wroclaw publishes Keyloggers, Injectors, Agents
7. - from ES.Madrid publishes Downloaders and Infostealers
8. - from NL.Amsterdam publishes ExploitKits, Keyloggers and Agents
9. - from CN.Hangzhou publishes Spyware and Backdoors
10. -  from CN.Hangzhou, publishes surveillance, info harvesting tools and backdoors

Cyber Threats
nGran - Research Page
Prevention, Protection, & Awareness

nGran has added more real time information feeds from industry leaders and links to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) IDTheft web site to help raise awareness to the growing spyware and identity theft problems in the marketplace. Click on the Alliances link for more information. Also, visit our Research page to see our site threat lists, whitepapers, and products that are currently available.

Finally, we recommend that users contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) for their latest information about protecting your PII and means of lodging complaints against malicious websites. IC3 can be contacted at the following link;

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